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Supervised Visitation

Visits between a non-custodial parent and his/her child or children in a safe setting with a trained monitor present at all times. We have a multiple visiting options available in a play room and two private visiting rooms.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is designed to help parents implement and comply with court orders or parenting plans, to make timely decisions in a manner consistent with children's developmental and psychological needs, to reduce the amount of damaging conflict between caretaking adults to which children are exposed, and to diminish the pattern of unnecessary re-litigation about child­ related issues. Parenting Coordination is appropriate pre- or post-decree, though it is most widely used as a post-decree model of intervention for parents who have demonstrated an inability to resolve their disputes through other dispute resolution and adversarial processes such as mediation, initial settlement conferences, and custody evaluations.

               -American Psychological Association. (2011, January 1). 

Monitored Exchange

Exchanges or transfers of children from one parent to another parent before and/or after unsupervised visitation. This exchange is facilitated by preventing parents from having any physical or visual contact with each other. A trained monitor assists in this exchange and the highest safety of all parties are taken into consideration. 

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