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Our Clients

This is a limited list of referents. We will be happy to discuss the needs of any clients not mentioned on this page. 


Terrebonne Monitoring Incorporated will be working closely with the 32nd Judicial District Court to help facilitate the safety and protection of children and their families through referrals and court orders.

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Child Protection

Terrebonne Monitored Incorporation will work closely with the Department of Children and Family Services, the Child Advocacy Center and other local nonprofits who focus on the health and well-being of children in the family home. 


Terrebonne Monitoring Incorporated will have a Licensed Professional Counselor certified in Parenting Coordination on staff.  We will also be working hand and hand in hand with Whitney Mediations, LLC which has multiple Licensed Professional Counselors on staff to assist in any Mental or Behavioral Health needs. 



Local attorneys will make our corporation known to Family Court defendants and plaintiffs by referrals We will be working closely with the attorneys and their clients to come to a fair and best outcome for the children and their family unit.

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